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Welcome to Lons Infant School!


If you require a paper copy of any of these policies or any other policies, please contact the school office by emailing - these can be requested free of charge. 

Dogs on school grounds

Please do not bring dogs onto the school grounds.


Governors and staff recognise that dogs are an important  part of life for some of our families and, as such, are often included in day-to-day activities such as walking children to and from school. In our teaching we promote the relationship between people and their pets, and accept and encourage the idea of pets as 'family members'. We do see pet ownership as a valuable educational experience for children.


However, some parents/carers and children can find the presence of dogs stressful, and can even be frightening for younger children.


We know that most dog owners are responsible and take care to control their dogs. However, the behaviour of dogs when in close proximity to other dogs and small children can be unpredictable. The nature of a school at busy times is such that over-excitement is much more likely to occur than generally would be the case. No-one can be absolutely certain how their dogs will behave in an environment as dynamic as a school playground, and the presence of dogs in this environment is potentially dangerous - even if they are carried in arms by their owners.


With the exception of professionally-trained guide dogs/hearing dogs or therapy dogs, we appreciate your co-operation in not bringing your dog onto school premises at any time.