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WELCOME TO OUR *NEW* WEBSITE - please bear with us. We are still in the process of adding lots of content.

Admissions and Transition

Welcome to Lons Infant School Admissions page! 


Applying for your child's first school place:

If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 they'll be able to start school in September 2021. The school can take up to 90 children (30 in each year group) but normally there are anywhere between 70 - 90 on our roll. All are welcome to apply, even those outside our catchment area. 


We would normally hold an Open Evening during October to give prospective parents an opportunity to look around the school and meet the staff. However, things are a little different this year and we have created a virtual tour of the school as we are unable to have visitors in school at this time.



Click here to view the video.

Again, normally, we would hope to be able to invite children in to visit the school on many occasions prior to starting school, so to give them an opportunity to get a feel for the school, meet other children and get to know the staff so that when they start they will be more familiar with us. Unfortunately though, at this time, we cannot guarantee this will happen in 2021, due to current circumstances, however, as we did this year, we will do all we can to ensure your child knows us and the school before they start.

Lons Infant School Prospectus 2020-21

Please note; our school prospectus was written prior to the current COVID-19 restrictions. We ask parents to be aware that there are certain events mentioned in the prospectus which parents would normally be invited to. These may still take place but we are unable to invite parents to see/take part due to COVID-19. This also means that we are, unfortunately, unable to invite you on to school site or in to school to take part in things such as: listen to children read, fundraising activities and school visits. However, once the restrictions are eased and schools are allowed visitors, we would love to see you in school!

Applications must be made via the Derbyshire County Council website (see link below). Please ensure you apply in preference order (1st - 3rd place). The application process does not open until 9th November 2020 and all applications must be made by 15th January 2021. For more information regarding admissions please visit:

However, please feel free to contact the school office if you need further help or advice on the admission process, or if you would like to book a visit to the school. You can also find out lots of useful information about our school on the School Prospectus.

Changing schools during the school year:

There can be many reasons why you might want to change the school your child attends during the academic year. If you feel this is something you may be considering and would like to consider our school, please feel free to give the school office a call for a chat. If you do decide to change schools, you will still need to complete an application. For more information, please visit: 

Transition to Junior School:

At age 7 children would leave us and move on to junior school. We work very closely with Ripley Junior School and liaison between the two schools is very good.


Children would normally have opportunities to spend time at their new school to meet the staff and get used to the new surroundings (although, again we cannot guarantee this will be the case in 2021). Children and parents would normally be invited to meet the Head Teacher, and the staff, to ask questions and become familiar with the routines usually around June/July.


Applications for moving to Ripley Junior School normally open in November and close in January. Again, for more information, please visit:

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact Mrs Walters in the school office.