Lons Infant School

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Staff Team

Our Head Teacher and SENCO is Mrs Amanda Joynes.



The School Business Manager is Mrs Philippa Walters.



Teaching in our Reception class we have:

  Mr James Stevenson (Mon, Tues)              Mrs Liz Turner (Thurs, Fri)



In Year 1 class we have:

        Mrs Rebecca Amoah



And our Year 2 class led by:

       Miss Emily Cartwright



Our teaching staff are supported by:

       Mrs Rachael Bishop                           Mrs Maxine Brocklehurst                      Mrs Katie Chapman



         Mrs Callan Fowler                                 Mrs Linda Foster                              Miss Deborah Saunders



Cooking our school dinners in the school kitchen are:

       Mrs Nicki Chapman                                Mrs Julie Sheldon



with our three midday supervisors:

Mrs Laura Beresford                               Mrs Karen Huckerby                                Mrs Ruth Moakes



And the person responsible for keep everything spit spot is:

   Mrs Elaine Stone-Payne